Reconnect with Nature

We are glued to our screens, and have completely lost connection with ourselves and Nature. The average American spends over 17 hours a day looking at their phone or computer. Our brains are constantly over-stimulated, and as result, mental health issues are at unprecedented levels. In the past 2 years, over 80% of Americans have reported overwhelming levels of stress and anxiety in their lives. It has never been harder to unplug from technology and get the relaxation that we truly need.

We combined the therapeutic benefits of Hemp Isolate & Aromatherapy with the most versatile accessory in the history of garment making to provide you with a convenient way to experience relaxation wherever you are. It has become increasing difficult to unplug from technology, and the Bliss Bandana is your portal into Nature.

Designed and made in California

Life Cocoon's natural fabrics are infused with layers of micro-capsules that release nutrients and aromatherapy upon touch. We formulated a health & wellness blend of Hemp Isolate & Eucalyptus oil micro-capsules that were optimized to provide the user an experience of ultimate relaxation. 

We use pure Hemp isolate that has been verified by third-party lab testing. We also verified that the effects of our micro-capsules were able to last up to 10 washes. 

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